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queens_of_metal's Journal

Metal Head Chicks'
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This is a community for ladie metal heads.( members only can view the posts here as well) And ladies that are mostly into metal music. AND DO NOT LIKE main stream crap like No Doubt, Hole, Korn,Slipknot, Mud Vayne, limp dick spit, kittie etc.( and all that shit) DO NOT JOIN THIS COMMUNTITY IF YOU ARE INTO THAT SHIT!!
And this is not some feminist groups either like a few wanna be female metal communities I viewed.( i am not going to be an ass and name them)

This is for any one who likes metal, and ladies that like metal. Basically this is a community for the real metal head ladies into the metal scene not poseurs!! IF YOU DO NOT LIKE MOST OF THE BANDS BELOW & /DEATH METAL/ BLACK METAL/POWER METAL/THRASHMETAL/DOOM METAL/ETC SORRY ...I REALLY DO NOT WANT YOU HERE... if you like one or 2 metal bands and you listen to mostly country/rap/alt./etc etc than again I rather you not join . .... I will say this again METAL HEADS ONLY!! (I had way too many people into mainsteam crap and shitty music post here when I 1st made this community so that is why I am stressing metal heads only lol)


1. Don't promote other communities here, with out asking me first. Go to community_promo though if you want to promote a new community you'll have better luck.
2. Don't start stuff
3. Once you are removed and banned don't rejoin
4. No non metal head's here.

If you break these rules you will be removed and banned for good. You also need my permission to join. I will let you join more than likely as soon as I get the email letting me know you want to join, and when I have an idea about what bands you like.

Below is a free site counter that has been up since March 17,2003 a few mts after this community was born! The bottom # let's you know how many people have been here!

Also cheak out my comunity for metal heads in New England


For all the metal heads joining welcome aboard and thanks I love you all !!

queens_of_metal is created and maintained bathofblood
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